Stormhouse Pictures is a non-profit independent production company that seeks to shine a light on socially taboo subjects. 



PUDDLE, our hand-drawn animated short film, is the first in what we endeavor to be a series of animated films for children coping with family trauma, from the death of a parent, to divorce, to displacement from war and emigration. 

In the ebb and flow of humanity’s life experiences, it is always children who suffer the most, and it is always their voices that get lost in the chaos.


PUDDLE is about a young child who deals with the grief of his mother’s death by escaping into the fantastical world of a puddle, after seeing her reflection in it on the day of her funeral. In this upside-down, dark, beautiful puddle world of rain and storm, his mother is still alive and well. He must learn to connect with his grieving father in the real world, so they can find a way to build a new reality together and let her go.

PUDDLE is a 16 minute film without dialogue and accompanied by an original soundtrack, created by independent artists who have poured their heart and soul into it. We are currently looking for the funding desperately needed to complete the film and gain the attention we believe the subject of child grief deserves.


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